About Us


One Voice was found in 2014 when four like-minded friends in Christ from a youth fellowship of North Point Alliance Church came together with a mission. One Voice is passionate in the eloquence of music and aspires to use music as one of the conduits of sharing the gospel. Over the years, one voice had created a number of original music recordings, including “Paper Plane”, “The Wind in His willows”, “Hope in Tomorrow” and “New Man in Christ”. One Voice also organized numerous of gospel events as below:


Music Production

The Search of Meaning of Life (2014)

Red Christmas (2015)

Bloom (2017)


Theatrical Production

Paper Plane (2015)

Focus (2016)

An Imprint from Above (2016)


Visual Arts Production

Life in a Cage Home (2016)


Guest Worship Leading

New Hope Fellowship (2017)


One Voice continues to explore different art forms and social media in hopes to present an incubator for Christian thoughts and to manifest God’s splendour through the beauty of arts.